Maths Mastery

Our pupils are taught maths using a world-leading curriculum programme called Mathematics Mastery, which focuses on building mathematical thinking, developing conceptual understanding and accurate use of language and communication.

In a recent Maths Mastery visit, the Development Lead commented that:
Teachers modelled accurate use of mathematical language throughout, using an ‘I say, you
say’ approach where appropriate; pupils consistently responded using full sentences.
Teachers used multiple representations (e.g. cubes, number lines, geared clocks, bar
models) to develop conceptual understanding. Explicit links were made between the
different representations including how the key language could be used to talk about them.
Pupils were also given a set of steps to success in
order to promote independence. They were expected to write their answers in a full
sentence which enabled them to make connections between the mathematics and real-life

Teachers probed pupils’ answers for clarity and
precision in language before accepting them, sometimes gathering contributions from other
pupils in the process of building a shared understanding.
There was identified good practice in all year groups which London Academy is willing to share this with other schools.