40 Students attend the launch of the Brilliant Club

Last week saw the annual launch of the Brilliant Club at University College, Oxford. 40 London Academy students from Year 9 and 12 are undertaking the course this year. During the launch the students met with their tutors and enjoyed a tour of the beautiful campus.

During the course the participates will attend several tutorials with a PhD student who will act as their tutor. The culmination of the course is the submission of an essay which will cover a wide range of topics from, ‘Democracy in Ancient Athens’ and ‘the use of Microscopes in Diagnosing Diseases’.

The course culminates at the ‘Brilliant Club graduation event’ later this year. The students enjoyed the launch event and are eager to face the challenges ahead of them, and we hope that the programme will help equip the students with a good understanding and desire to undertake higher education.