Brilliant Club Graduation

Since September 40 students from Yr. 9 and Yr. 12 have been undertaking the brilliant club programme. A key part of the programme is the completion of an essay on a topic of their choosing, the range of topics was very broad including: ‘Could Stars float in the bath?’, ‘Engineering: Illuminating the Body’, ‘Only the Educated are Free: Knowledge and Power in Classical Athens’, ‘Money over Mind or Mind over Money’.

The students all showed real commitment and enjoyed the challenges the programme posed, most students achieved a 2.1 or a 1st.

The students celebrated their achievements at the Brilliant Club Graduation just before half term at the Royal Holloway University. During the graduation day the students spent time reflecting on the skills they developed and considered how they would use these in the future. The students were also advised on what life at university was really like and the opportunity to pose questions to student ambassadors proved popular. The day culminated in the graduation ceremony where the student’s achievements were celebrated. Well done to everyone involved.