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MCAS - My Child At School

Our parent portal - MCAS (My Child At School) is now our one-stop-shop for all payments in the secondary school. We do not accept cash at all. There is, however, a ‘PayPoint’ facility and you can pay for lunch and other items using ‘PayPoint’

MCAS is used for ALL

• Lunch money deposits

• Trips

• Clubs

• Replacement ID cards


Uniform is now to be purchased directly from our new uniform supplier - Uniform for kids

London Academy (


How to Access MCAS

Video link - Click here
PDF to download here MCAS-Parent-Guide-July-23


  1. What do I do if I’ve forgotten my email address.
  2. Contact your school and they will be able help you.
  3. What do I do if I’ve forgotten my password.
  4. Click the Reset Password link from the login page. See How to reset MCAS Password
  5. What if parents have multiple Email addresses registered to their MCAS accounts.
  6. All Email addresses (including the Recovery Email Address if they have one) will allow the parent to Login.
  7. A parent is getting the message ‘incorrect email address’ when they attempt to login.
  8. The parent should contact the school so the school can update the contact record for the parent with the correct email address.
  9. One of the parent profiles attached to the email address needs removing.
  10. The person who’s profile it should contact the school and they can amend the account record.
  11. The email address for a parents MCAS account is incorrect.
  12. The parent should contact their school and the school can update the contact’s record.