Celebrating graduating the Brilliant Club at Cambridge University

Recently 30 of our Yr. 9 and 12 students attended their graduation from the Winter Brilliant Club programme at Selwyn College, University of Cambridge.

The Brilliant Club is a ‘super-curricular’ programme designed to stretch and challenge students whilst providing support with each student allocated their own tutor. Each student studies a topic which is a Key Stage above the level they are currently working, with all students producing a 2000 – 2500 word assignment on that topic. The topics were varied and challenging including: ‘Molecular medicines that keep us alive’; ‘Equal but different? Sex/gender differences in Autism’ and ‘How did the ‘swinish multitude’ learn to read?’

As part of the process the London Academy ‘spoke-scholars’ delivered detailed presentations of their assignments to an audience comprising other partner schools and Cambridge professors. Our ‘spoke-scholars’ excelled and special congratulations to Amany El-Badri and Alexandra Fusa who both achieved Firsts.

All of the students and staff have found this programme incredibly rewarding and congratulations to everyone involved. While at the University of Cambridge the students went on a tour and enjoyed the opportunity to speak with current students and admissions tutors.