Julia Boyd Competition Winner

On behalf of all students and staff, I would like to congratulate Year 9 student Luke Rees for placing joint third place in a Julia Boyd competition. The aim of Julia Boyd competitions is to raise the profile of Design Technology subjects and motivate young people to involve themselves in the subject. The competition also aims to provide schools with resources and equipment and teachers with project ideas to support and develop the curriculum. Through participating in the competition, Julia Boyd encourages students to develop their design and making skills, from working to a design brief, using inspiration, manipulating and handling materials and producing quality outcomes.


Luke entered a hamster bed made from denim, neoprene and metal hooks and decorated with embroidery, in the Product in a Tin competition. The judge’s comment stated: ‘the entry was chosen because it was a very different product from the other entries so it stood out from the crowd’. The judges also liked Luke’s clever use of neoprene to add structure to the bed so that it stands up whilst still being flexible.