London Academy gets Career Ready

Last week was National Careers week and working in partnership with ‘Career Ready’ our students were given the opportunity to consider what their working life might be. The world of work has changed significantly and will continue to do so, “60% of jobs in the next 10 years have not even been created yet”, Thomas Frey, Senior Futurist Da Vinci Institute and many people will have several careers in unconnected fields of work, the days of one job for life is definitely shifting.

Our Yr. 7 – Yr. 11 students attended assemblies and workshops in which they considered the factors that are driving changes in the employment market and tried to better understand the influences technology is now having on the workplace.

Working with business volunteers they considered the new realities of a 21st Century career:

  • Communication
  • Need for lifelong learning
  • Globalisation
  • New Technology

Working together students also considered four scenarios and tried to work out the options these individuals had, helping them to understand that when it comes to careers things are never black and white. The students discussed what they can do to help them make the right decisions for themselves such as knowing your strengths and passions; making decisions based on facts; undertaking work experience/ taster sessions and being prepared to be open to opportunities that sometimes chance provides us with amazing options.

Thank you to all the business volunteers who helped support our students.