National Science Week

London Academy celebrated National Science Week with a wide range of events highlighting the fun side of science. The Primary students enjoyed a visit from Mad Science who held an assembly on the ‘Fundamentals of Fire’, during which, physics and chemistry were bought alive with demonstrations including disappearing eggs, ‘science-defying’ paper and mind-blowing fire balls. There was even a thorough scientific investigation of the Great Fire of London, with science providing the vital clues. There was also a workshop for some students called ‘Slime Time’, which explored the world of polymers and the chemical reactions used to create goo. It proved to be a lot of fun and really brought science to life.

‘Meet the Beasts’ also came in to visit the Primary and the Yr. 7, 8 and 10 students. During this the students got to meet a range of exotic animals including a snake, tarantula and scorpion and learnt more about the animals and the environments they live in.

The theme for this year’s National Science Week was ‘Science Journeys’.  Through several assemblies Yr. 7 to 10 explored the in-depth study of DNA, and celebrated 25 years since the Channel Tunnel, exploring the science involved in the project. The students also reflected on their own journey with science and what they have learnt, what they enjoy and the possible careers they may want to pursue.