Preparing our students to be Career Ready

The spring term is a time when many of our students are thinking about the options they want to take for next year; what potentially they want to be after their formal education; what course they want to undertake after their time at London Academy.

Today though, the options can be bewildering. Students are trying to identify what they want to do, what they are able to do, what courses and work experience will help them and what they will enjoy. The range of options is endless.

London Academy adopt a wide range of techniques to help students see the wide range of options available and through various programmes help them to identify what they want to achieve. One programme that London Academy has a long and successful history delivering is Career Ready.

Career Ready was established in 2002, it connects employers with schools and colleges across the UK to provide mentors, internships, work experience, masterclasses and employer-led activities for young people.

Valentin Sepsi, one of our sixth form students is currently participating on the programme.  He undertook a summer internship with Citi Bank and has also been assigned to a business mentor and is engaged with peer mentoring.  He is gaining additional experience through workplace visits to prestigious organisations, masterclasses, networking meetings and business challenges.

Valentin commented “I enjoyed the internship as it gave me a different perspective on what I can do after sixth from. It helped me to think about other avenues such as apprenticeships and that there are other options than just going to university.

What I learnt most during my time at Citi Bank, was to use my initiative and be persistent. I was placed in a different department (IT) to what I study at school, but I persevered with the work. When I did not understand something I asked for help and directions, but initially I tried to solve problems myself. Furthermore, I was able to network with people who worked at the branch and make important contacts. It was an amazing experience that I would definitely do again, if I got the chance to.”