Revision Advice

With the examination period rapidly approaching and many of our students revising we wanted to share some key revision tips.

Organisation is a key element to exam success. Irrespective of whether it is the final end of year 13 exams or an end of topic test, if you are organised then you give yourself the best possible chance of being successful. It is important to find a space to actually do your work, somewhere away from distractions, and somewhere that you have the resources that you need (i.e. your text books, past papers and note books). You also need to know when (and where) your exams are. Finally, plan how you are going to use your time. If you know you have 30 days until your exams, it’s a good idea to spread that between revision notes, doing exam questions and getting help from your teachers. It is vital that you don’t run out of time to actually practice the exam questions!

A second key part of effective preparation is how you actually revise. The guidance of Learning Scientists ( propose some different techniques that are helpful in ensuring revision is genuinely effective, rather than being a waste of time. One of their most powerful ideas is that you should interleave revision, moving between topics on a regular basis rather than spending a single, extended amount of time doing only one topic. Another key idea is revision must include both real life exam questions, completed under realistic exam conditions as well as seeking feedback from your teachers. This feedback can be gathered through afterschool revision sessions, timetabled lessons or by making an appointment to meet with your teacher to discuss the work that you got wrong.

A final piece of advice, to maintain your levels of effort and motivation you need to remember why you are doing all this work for a place at university or an apprenticeship, or just to show your parents how well you can do.  It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in this journey and that you can seek help and support from your friends, parents and teachers at school. You can also help yourself by staying healthy - a good diet and some decent sleep are vital to success.

So in summary, make sure you are organised, have effective revision methods and that you are looking after yourself will all help you be as successful as possible.