Understanding the University of Oxford better

Congratulations to Tomi Olayiwole who has secured a place on the UNIQ 2020 residential at the University of Oxford, studying chemistry.

The UNIQ chemistry course will provide Tomi with an amazing insight into what studying chemistry at Oxford will be like. Undertaking a wide-ranging lecture programme covering important scientific and topical subjects, such as crystal structures, chirality, hydrogen fuel cells, the chemistry of oxygen, animal magnetism, DNA, and quantum chemistry. Participating in tutorials covering physical, inorganic and organic branches of chemistry and in the afternoons, practical sessions take place in new, state-of-the-art undergraduate teaching laboratories, linking the lecture material to practical work, whilst introducing new techniques and developing your practical skills.

The residential course at one of the colleges at the University of Oxford will help Tomi fully understand what life at Oxford is really like and the advice on applying to university and specifically Oxford should be invaluable.