Winter Showcase

London Academy Winter Showcase

London Academy was a hive of activity recently as we hosted our annual Winter Showcase as our Year’s 7 – 13 all came together. The students truly showcased the amazing passion and creativity they have for art, drama, music and photography.  The Art, Graphics and Photography department exhibited their work based on the themes of surrealism and Gothicism.

A large audience assembled to listen to a broad range of performances with some of the highlights including the Year 9 & 10 ensembles, our House band, drama club and the lower school choir. Special mention for the soloists from Yr. 10 and 11 who showcased their outstanding coursework. Our guests were also lucky that the Sixth form catering students provided a range of delicious refreshments. The evening was a huge success, thank you to all the staff and students who made this event a success.