Year 8 Options Evening on Thursday 16th May 18.00-19.30

Year 8 Option Booklet

Year 8 Option Letter

Dear Parents,
I hope that your child’s AP2 assessments have gone well and that their results will reflect impressive progress in their studies so far this academic year. The end of Year 8 is the conclusion of Key Stage 3 in National Curriculum subjects at London Academy. At the beginning of Year 9 (the beginning of Key Stage 4), students will begin to study subjects that will lead to GCSE (and equivalent) qualifications. After the Easter Break, all students in Year 8 will be asked to select subjects to study at Key Stage 4. These choices are called ‘Options’.
To assist with making choices about appropriate courses to study, I have spoken with your child in assembly and I have provided them with a booklet that outlines the ‘Options’ that are available to your child and the process for making choices. This provides information for you and your child to consider the different courses available and help to make the right decisions about their future. The booklet is also available on the school’s website.
On Thursday 16th May at 18.00-19.30 we are hosting our ‘Year 8 Options Evening’ and it is important that you and your child attend. On the evening, there will be presentation about this significant moment in your child’s education from Mr Warburton, the Principal, and I will explain the ‘Options’ process. There will also be an opportunity to speak with the teachers who are responsible for the subjects that your child may study in Year 9. At the end of the evening you will be asked to submit your child’s ‘Options Form’ to make choices about subjects that they will study in Year 9. Choosing which subjects to study at GCSE level is a crucial decision, the consequences of which could both open and close future career paths. Parental support is a very important part of this process and your attendance would be greatly appreciated.
The ‘Options’ booklet contains information about all subjects to be studied at GCSE and also identifies the teacher responsible for the course. This has been provided to your child in assembly so that they have all the necessary information that you need to discuss your child’s choice over the Easter Break and come to our ‘Options Evening’ prepared to ask any questions that you might have. If your child has any questions about these courses they are welcome to speak with the teacher identified as responsible for the course. If you or your child would like any further guidance about the ‘Options’ process, please do contact me directly.
Yours sincerely,

Mr Richard Northover
Deputy Principal