Years 7-9 teaching timetable

Letter for parents/guardians

Dear Parents/Guardians of Students of Years 7, 8 & 9,

As you will hopefully be aware, London Academy is changing the way students in Years 7, 8 & 9 access their work at home. Up until this time, students have been logging in to Remote Learning with lessons posted daily. They have been following a timetable of 3 lessons a day from 9am to 1pm. From Monday 11 May, students will now access their work through the following link and then clicking on the relevant year group: 

Students are expected to complete all the work on the page from Monday to Friday. For each subject, they need to complete two tasks:

1) Complete the lessons in the ‘teaching’ section, following the instructions in the table.
2) Click on the link in the ‘work to submit electronically’ section. This will take you to either Microsoft Forms or Mathswatch where the student must answer all questions.

Teachers will be monitoring the work submitted. If a student fails to complete the work or it is of a poor quality, they will receive a phonecall at home to ensure they complete all tasks.

There is no timetable to follow as we appreciate there may be pressure on the sharing of laptops, tablets and phones at present. Therefore, we trust students to organise their time to ensure all work has been submitted electronically by 4pm on Friday each week. If this is a challenge, we suggest the following structure:

Monday- Maths

Tuesday- English

Wednesday- Science

Thursday- Humanities (Geography, History & Religious Studies)

Friday- Languages (French or Spanish), Music & Drama

The new system has two key advantages. Firstly, it is much simpler with work for the week clearly laid out and removes barriers to access at home including issues with logins. Secondly, it also adds accountability. We can now track which students have completed their work and offer feedback.

Lessons for the new week will be uploaded at 9am on Mondays.

If you have any problems or questions about the system, please email me on

I hope you are and your families are safe during this difficult time,

Yours sincerely,
Tim Lomas

Assistant Principal