Welcome from the Principal

I would like to send a warm welcome to all our current and prospective parents and children. As Principal of our primary school I have an exciting job, aiding the development of London Academy’s unique offer of an allthrough education. We are a small primary, meaning that each child’s education and care is personalised, with a focus on achieving maximum outcomes for everyone. Each morning I am greeted by happy, smiling children excited for school and the variety of activities that we offer. The children have fun whilst they are at school, which means that they learn and pick up skills without even realising they are doing so. I am lucky to have a team of dedicated staff and supportive parents who work alongside me; this strong partnership takes a key precedence in our pupils’ education and I truly believe it aids in the development of the whole child and makes important steps towards their role as ‘Leaders for Tomorrow’. 

Paddy McGrath Executive Principal

 primary schools