What makes an inspiring teaching assistant at London Academy?

Teresa Bascoe has been a teaching assistant for eight years and during that time has trained for a 1st class honours Degree in Teaching and Learning, whilst also drawing from the skills she learnt from her Master’s Degree in Psychology. At London Academy we work hard to support and develop our staff and to do this we have to understand what motivates them and what they enjoy whilst at work. We thought we would share some of the thoughts from Teresa.

Teresa wanted to work as a Teaching Assistant with children to make a difference to their future. When we asked Teresa what her favourite time of the year is the answer was clear; the ‘End of Year’ graduation ceremony, the positivity and enthusiasm for the event by students, staff and parents embodied why she made her career choices. The children are recognised for their achievements throughout the year and the effort they have put into their work, wearing gowns and hats they receive certificates.

When considering how Teresa finds working as a Teaching Assistant rewarding she comments, “you have flashbacks at odd moments from when the children started in the year and remembering the growth they’ve made it makes you proud and it makes the job worthwhile.

 I find particularly the intervention and 121 work gives me a sense of satisfaction as you can see the difference you are making within a small timeframe.  Seeing a child understand and achieve something they once found challenging is really rewarding, slowly breaking down barriers so a child can become more independent as a learner.”

 The children at London Academy are a lot of fun to be around and Teresa commented that she cannot help laughing with them every day, especially when listening to their conversations in the playground!