ePortal access for Parents/Carers


A Short Guide for Parents

ePortal is a web interface that allows secure access to your child’s personal and academic records at school. It will allow you to see their personal details including contact details, timetable and attendance records.

Please remember that the data contained within ePortal is sensitive.

Ensure you keep your username and password safe and secure and do not make them available to anyone else.

Always remember to log out of ePortal when you have finished using it by clicking on the logout button so that no other individual can access the system.

Do not leave ePortal open on your PC while you are away from it.

If you find that any of the information contained in ePortal is incorrect or out of date or you have problems with login into or using the site please send an email to the following address so that we can correct the issue. eportal@londonacademy.org.uk

Please note: only a LEGAL Parent/Carer of a student registered at this school can be granted access to the students’ data.

ePortal – Parent Guide to ePortal Access

Link to ePortal login page